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Stem Cells

The primary focus of our research group centers around the genetics and molecular biology of the GI stem cell. We investigate the genes that regulate intestinal stem cell maintenance and differentiation, and how these mechanisms impact renewal of the intestinal epithelium in physiology and disease. 


We then use this information to develop new methods, innovative tools, and high-throughput platforms to model the human gut ex vivo. Our basic research and biomedical engineering efforts come together in a prime directive to commercialize technologies for the pharmeceutical and biotech industries.


This broad research program has been and continues to be supported by intra-laboratory collaboration, and a group of highly talented and interdisciplinary trainees including, computer scientists, biostatisticians, chemists, biologists, engineers, and surgeons from all career stages - undergraduate to junior faculty.


Please visit the 'Members and Publications' section to read more about these outstanding scientists and their impressive research. Each topic of interest is linked to relevant primary research articles and reviews, which can be navigated and accessed through the 'pubs' links.

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